February 28, 2013

What I'm Into: Late February Edition

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I know a lot of you already watch these videos, but I just finally got around to them. I'm rationing myself though, because I don't want them to end too quickly! If you're a Pride & Prejudice fan you should definitely check them out; they're so great.

Being sick

Apparently. Because I still can't shake this cold. Everyone I've talked to has said that Tucson got a particularly nasty strain this year though. Lots of people have told me they had colds for 3 or 4 weeks. Mine's been 2.5 weeks, so hopefully the end is in sight...

The Tucson Festival of Books

I'm so sad that Jacqueline Winspear isn't coming after all. But I'm excited about Maggie Stiefvater and Mary Doria Russell! Sometime in the next couple days I need to sit down with the TFOB schedule and plan out my itinerary. I can't wait for this event! (If you're planning on attending the event, email me - and maybe we can meet up at some point.)

Making Ice Cream

At the beginning of February we bought the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid as our "Valentine" present to ourselves. (Noel and I have never been much into celebrating Valentine's Day, but it seemed like a great excuse for a present). We've made fresh ice cream every few days since then.


We've been Redboxing a ton of stuff lately, because I get texts from Redbox and they kept giving me free codes, and what with being sick I've been zoned out. We watched Moneyball (decent), Taken 2 (meh), Safe House (decent), Total Recall (enjoyable), and something else I'm forgetting. We've also watched Monsters, Inc. at least 5 times this month... since it's what Eleanor always requests on "Family Movie Night".


I have an enduring fondness for Suri's Burn Book, and I've been cracking up at Crappy Pictures lately. I've also been sucked into EntreFamily Travels, which tells Stephanie Langford's story of the yearlong journey she and her husband and four kids are on. They're currently in Uruguay, or maybe Argentina, and I'm fascinated to read about the challenges of traveling with four small kids!

Vacation Planning

In addition to reading about others' trips, I've been planning one of our own. Noel and I are going away without Eleanor for four, or maybe even five (!), nights this summer. We were thinking San Francisco, but I think we've changed our minds to Seattle. The only time we've ever been to Seattle was in December, so I'm intrigued to see it in the summer. I've been stalking Airbnb and Southwest incessantly, to find the perfect cheap lodging and tickets, and I think I've done it, woohoo!

What are you into? Any Seattle tips for me?

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