May 27, 2013

Book v. Television: Call the Midwife

If you follow Quirky Bookworm on Facebook, you may have seen my references to Call the Midwife. I recently watched the first three episodes of season one with friends, and loved it. It's just hard to find the time for us to get together to watch the rest; and I think I'm too pregnant/emotional to be watching it alone!

I checked out Call the Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times from the library too, and was enjoying it - but again with the pregnant/emotional thing going on I was just reading short snippets at a time. And alas, the tyranny of the library struck again, and I had to return it unfinished. And now I think I might've stalled. I meant to get around to re-requesting it, but I haven't yet. I hate that, when I'm enjoying something but circumstances interrupt, and then somehow I don't get back to it. I'm hoping that Call the Midwife doesn't end up that way for me!

I mentioned on Twitter that I was curious if anyone else had read and seen it, and Stephanie Sheaffer responded that she had.

She says,

"Call the Midwife, as a television show, is both heartwarming and heart-wrenching. It is perfectly cast with characters that are equal parts endearing, heroic, and relatable. I especially admire Jenny's tender heart, Chummy's good-natured optimism, and Sister Julienne's quiet strength. The episodes offer a fascinating glimpse into history, while providing timeless lessons for the present.

After watching the television series, I picked up books 1 and 2 of the Call the Midwife series from the library. Surprisingly (I very rarely say this), I enjoyed the television version more. The books - especially the second book - were focused more on the stories of individual characters rather than on the development of Jenny's story. I also was confused about the historical accuracy within the pages. Are the books squarely in the memoir category or are they somewhat fictitious since Jenny seems to know so many tiny details of the characters' lives? I haven't decided. Even without a straightforward genre, the books are definitely worth a read."

So based on Stephanie's perspective, perhaps I'll forgo the book(s) for now, and just get back to the show! Which is a very strange thing for this bookworm to be saying...

Do you sometimes like the screen version better than the book?
What makes you stall out on something?

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