May 24, 2013

Summer Slackin'

Woodland Lake Park
Woodland Lake Park, Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona
Happy Memorial Day weekend; and the beginning of summer for lots of you!

I know several bloggers who are taking a few weeks, or even a month off over the summer. I thought about it, but let's face it: I like to talk too much to shut up for a whole month!

I do feel like a bit of a break though. You may not have even noticed, but I normally post "full" posts on Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday, and then either links or a Judging Books by Their Covers on Fridays. So I'm thinking I'll relax, and just post a bit more erratically for a while. I'm sure you'll still get 2-3 posts a week, I just won't worry about trying to make my "schedule".

And, you may get more What I'm Into / Currently type posts in the near future. I'm finding that writing straight-up reviews kinda bores me (and seems to not appeal to many of you, since those posts rarely get more than 1-2 comments); whereas blathering a bit more about what I'm reading/doing/making is more fun for me, and seems to generate more interest from you guys.

This weekend we've got normal church stuff, a graduation party, and a barbecue planned. Should be busy, but fun!

What are your holiday weekend plans?