May 17, 2013

Judging Books By Their Covers: Thunder on the Right

I've been re-reading bits of Thunder on the Right by Mary Stewart before bed the last few evenings. It's a gothic mystery, starring 22 year old Jennifer Silver, set in 1950s France. Jennifer's cousin Gillian supposedly died in a mysterious convent... but Jenny is quite sure that Gilly can't be dead. I know, it breaks my normal no-fiction-before-bed rule, but with a re-read I'm not as strict! 

I own the cover at left, which is super cheesy, but actually kind of accurate for the story. I think my favorite cover is the second from the right.

Which cover do you prefer?

This is part of my ongoing Judging Books by Their Covers series. Feel free to judge more of them too! The cover images are affiliate links.