August 8, 2016

Blogging Introspection, Brought to You By the Olympics

It kind of freaks me out how accurate this post from 4 years ago still is. Because guess what I'm doing this evening? Playing Matching with Friends and Two Dots on my phone, while watching the Olympics. (The Olympic breadstick rings are from Saturday night, when I did exactly what I'm doing now, but with pizza.)

That's the weird thing about blogging for so many years - the tiny details that I would forget are so strangely entertaining when I come across them again.

Sometimes I think about giving up blogging totally. I mean, really, you guys would still find books without me! And I'd probably read more if I wasn't writing blog posts.

But then, a year from now, how will I remember what I was doing tonight??

In case you're looking for randomness to entertain you on Olympic commercial breaks, here are some of my favorite posts from the archives for this week in Quirky Bookworm history.

One Year Ago
#bookwormproblems - Anticipointment - You can thank my sister for this clever word.

Two Years Ago
Books for the Earliest of Readers - 30+ Books Your Emerging Reader Will Love  Crazy to think that just two years ago we were at this point with Eleanor! I wonder if Juliet will be there in 18 months...? Seems unlikely at this point, but hey, maybe she'll surprise me!

Three Years Ago
I Can't WAIT to Read These Books (Spoiler alert: I read them all. And one of them was terrible. *cough* Allegiant *cough*)