December 29, 2013

Where I've Been Reading in 2013

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The title of this post is perhaps a bit ambiguous. Yes I've physically been reading in armchairs and beds and on airplanes and doctor's waiting rooms. But mentally I've been all over the world - as you can see above! I'm happy to report that I read at least one book on each continent this year (which is largely why I read Ann Patchett's State of Wonder, because I needed one in South America!).

If you click on the map and zoom in further, you'll also see that I mostly read books set in England. Between Agatha Christie and Elswyth Thane and Georgette Heyer and the Ruby Red trilogy and Flavia de Luce and the Dark is Rising sequence... it was just unavoidable.

I didn't keep elaborate reading lists like last year, so I can't give you nerdy pie charts galore. But I really like visually seeing where I've been reading, so I think I'll definitely keep this going. And I'm going to make it a personal challenge again to make sure I read at least one book set on each continent in 2014 too. 

So far in 2013 I've read 111 books. It breaks down like this:
  • 36 England
  • 28 USA  (of which 6 were dystopic books set in what was formerly the USA...)
  • 5 France
  • 4 Italy
  • 3 Wales
  • 2 Turkey, Russia, Greece, Norway, Canada, the fictional realm of Ravka
  • 1 Congo, Laos, Nepal, the fictional lands of Montmaray, the Dark Forest, and Arilland, Nepal, Sweden, Sri Lanka, the planet Altar IV, Spain, Belgium, China, Brazil, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland
  • I also read 5 miscellaneous nonfiction books that weren't set in a specific place.
Where have YOU been reading?