January 24, 2014

Musings on Books and Marriage

Family pic from last Thanksgiving.
This is my 500th post! I wonder how many words that adds up to? I mean, my posts are usually around 300 words long, and sometimes quite a bit more. Let's say at least 150,000 words... which is enough words about books to practically be a book!

Pondering about books reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask: how often do bookworms marry other bookworms? In my case: not so much. Noel probably reads about a dozen books a year.

And, we have incredibly different taste in books. I love genre stuff, and I joke that he's a book snob, because he turns up his nose at a lot of what I read. Also, he has a bizarre adoration for Cormac McCarthy which I don't understand at all!

So I want to know: if you're married, is your spouse also a bookworm? And if you're single, is it important to you that your significant other be a bookworm? 

I always thought I would only marry someone who loves books, but somehow it doesn't really seem to matter.

(Although maybe that's why I've written 150,000-odd words on this blog; because Noel would get bored if I talked about books that much to him! Ha!)