February 28, 2014

Currently // Announcing That / Annoyed With / Looking Forward To

Time // 3:02pm
Hoping that // This crazy, crazy weekend goes well. At least it's crazy because it's full of fun stuff - date night for Noel and I, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban party, cute tea party-themed baby shower to co-host - plus laundry and church and trips to the park and the usual.
Eating // Snitching some bits of pumpkin pasty that I made for the HP party! (Delicious, if I say so myself.) And pita chips. I think I might need a pita chip intervention soon; things are kind of out of control.
Annoyed with // Facebook. They changed their algorithms again I think. The Quirky Bookworm page has 281 likes, and I used to get about 120 views for most of my posts. Which wasn't great, but it was at least close to half of the people who liked the page. But all of the sudden, no more than 60 people have seen any of my posts. Which makes posting seem a little pointless sometimes, sigh. If you're not seeing my posts - the easiest way is to 'like' a couple of my updates when they show up in your feed. The more you like of someone or something, the more they'll show up.
Planning for // Disneyland! And the Tucson Festival of Books! Both of which are coming my way in less than 3 weeks. So much planning/packing/scheming to do. But I'm SO VERY EXCITED on both counts!
Working on // Reviews of Solsbury Hill and The Eternal Nazi. And trying to hurry up and read more April books whose reviews are due all too soon (since tomorrow is March. How did that happen?).
Wishing that // There will be a teensy bit more winter in my near future. Like 5 days with highs below 60. That's all I'm asking! Fortunately we made it with no AC in February (even though it got as high as 81 degrees in the house!) but I'm worried about March. I might have to break my no-AC-till-April rule this year.
Looking forward to // A new Rob Lowe book is coming out! I can't wait for Love Life. I'll have to listen to it on audio too, since I liked Stories I Only Tell My Friends so very much.
Announcing that // the very first Bookworm Fridays link-up will be coming up next Friday, March 7th. Based on your survey feedback, I'm creating a link-up the first Friday of every month. It'll alternate between Judging Books by Their Covers in even months and #bookwormproblems in odd months. So get your #bookwormproblems posts ready!

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