February 27, 2014

Reading in Foreign Languages

I was an International Affairs and French double-major in college, so at one point I could read in French fairly easily. But it's been a while (ahem, nine years!) since I really used my French. Tucson doesn't lend itself to much French-speaking.

To challenge myself, I decided to try to read next month's selection for the Young Adult Book and Movie Club, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in French (and started a little early to make sure I finish in time). But I am amazed at how much my colloquial French has slipped. I was weirded out to discover that Stan from the Knight Bus (aka "Le Magicobus") had a bunch of buttons on his face, until I went and got my English copy, and discovered that, in fact, he had a lot of pimples.

It's a little disheartening how slowly I've been going. I'm probably only reading at about 10 percent of my usual rapid pace. C'est vraiment triste!

Do you read in any foreign languages?