February 6, 2014

Googly-Eyed Book Covers

I've been loving the Tumblr Googly Eye Books lately. Inspired by the awesome pictures there, and because I was gleaning/reorganizing books [I got rid of forty ARCs and THIRTY-SIX actual books! I'm so proud of myself!], I decided to take some googly-eyed book pics of my own.

First up, a googlyized version of The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig. (Which I love, and reviewed here, if you want to know more).

Poor James Herriot, his googly eyes are even going separate directions.

I'm not sure that Georgette Heyer would approve what I did to My Lord John!

Hehe, The Prince is much better begoogled.

Although Viggo is greatly improved sans googlyness.

I think Made in America might be my favorite. Perhaps because it had two faces on the cover!

Although I do like the googly-eyed treatment of Jessica Seinfeld.

However, trying to find books with actual eyeballs on the cover was surprisingly difficult! I never realized how many covers show the back of people's heads, or their profiles, or their lower faces. I have at least a dozen covers almost like this one.

I wonder why? Theories?