February 9, 2014

Reading Glasses: A Semi-Tragedy

I've always had suspiciously good eyesight. Why did I have 20/20 vision when my parents, all my grandparents, and several of my siblings need glasses? Who knows. But I reveled in my easy vision, and made fun of Noel for how blind he is sans eyewear. (I know this sounds mean, but for reals, he can't even tell if I'm smiling or frowning from across our bedroom unless he has his glasses on! I find it very entertaining to test how far he can see.)

In recent months, however, I've noticed my eyes hurting after being on the computer or my phone for long periods of time. I just assumed it was screen fatigue. But then 3 or 4 times in the last couple of weeks Eleanor has asked, "Mom? Why are you frowning at your book like that?" And every time I just said, "Oh, I didn't realize I was frowning."

A few days ago a friend of mine said that she'd gone to the eye doctor, and been told she needed reading glasses. I thought, hmmm, could that be why I've been frowning while I'm reading? Am I unconsciously trying to focus more? Nah, can't be. I have great vision!

Till she came over to my house.

And I tried on her reading glasses.

And my phone screen glowed with new life, and the words in the book I picked up were like 32% bigger.

Sad, sad day.

Do YOU wear glasses?