March 19, 2014

In Which I Drive Deborah Crombie Around in Circles (TFOB 2014)

Deborah Crombie was kind enough to agree to meet me for dinner and an informal interview last Saturday night, after the TFOB ended for the day. (Don't worry, a whole separate post about that will be coming! I had such a good time talking about Duncan and Gemma like they were real.) But first of all, I got lost* on the way to dinner and on the way back to drop her at her hotel, and I managed to get a parking ticket** while we were eating. Luckily she's very nice, and didn't mind the delays.***

I didn't get to any sessions on Saturday, because I was busy cleaning and laundering and prepping for our Disneyland trip!

But on Sunday, I got to attend a panel featuring Jacqueline Winspear. She was being interviewed by Jennifer Lee Carrell, who was rather awkward. Perhaps nervous? But Jacqueline was poised and charming and surprisingly funny. And a story from her childhood about her mother and an air-raid siren totally made me cry.

I'd decided that I'd not be a chicken like last year, and would ask her to pose for a pic with me, but then they announced she had to leave straight to catch her flight, and she might not be able to sign books for everyone in line. I didn't want to cost anyone a book-signing, so I just snapped her picture while she signed my book.

I told her I'd brought The Mapping of Love and Death because it was my favorite, and she said it was her favorite too!

Then I stopped for a quick selfie with Nikki from BookPairing, and headed off to a panel with Timothy Hallinan, Terry Shames, and Cara Black.
On my way I spied Little Critter! (Shh, don't tell Eleanor, she'd be sad she missed out.)

Then I just strolled around and enjoyed the crowds and the festive atmosphere while I waited for Cara Black to finish signing books.

After that, we sat on the curb and chatted for about 20 minutes. It's the first time I ever actually recorded an interview, but it was fun. (Although, I forget how much I hate my voice till I hear it recorded.)

That interview was for Shelf Awareness, so stay tuned to see it soon.

It was a pretty perfect couple of days! My only regret (well, other than the driving nonsense), is that I couldn't go to even more panels, because I was having so much fun!

Do YOU get lost easily?

*I usually pride myself on my sense of direction. But I very rarely go downtown; and almost never am on the NW side, since it's an hour from me. Apparently unfamiliar parts of town + a dark evening = disaster.
**Ugh. I'm super mad about the $65, but also mad that now I can't tease Noel anymore. I had never had a parking or speeding ticket in my life, and he's had several!
***So embarrassing. Seriously. Embarrassing.