March 9, 2014

When a Bookworm Isn't Reading

Quirky Bookworm: Reading aloud to kids (the Very Fairy Princess books)

So when a bookworm isn't reading, is she still a bookworm? My blog's subtitle is "The Literary Adventures of a Sorta Blonde Mom". Lately the emphasis has been more on the mom and less on the literary adventures. (And rather heavy on the blonde; it's amazing how my brain does NOT work when I'm sleep deprived).

Juliet from age 3 months on had been only waking up 1-2x a night to nurse, which was awesome. But this last week we're suddenly at 4-5x a night, and whew it's killing me.

In happier news, Eleanor and I have been really enjoying reading some more Very Fairy Princess books from the library. That's what I'm reading in the pic above, since she nearly always requests one before bed. (Sidenote: I love how excited Juliet gets about books. See how her hands and feet are just blurs? She waves them frenetically whenever I start reading aloud!)

I also got out a few St. Patrick's Day books I bought last year. They're full of dumb jokes like "What's a leprechaun's favorite kind of music?" "Sham-ROCK", etc. I'm pretty sure most of the jokes are over her head, but Eleanor still laughs heartily at them.

As for me - I'm working through Prisoner of Azkaban in French and on audio still... At first I did every other chapter in French. Then it was 2 on audio, 1 in French. Now I've regressed to doing mostly audio... and a few pages of French here and there. And I've read about 2 chapters of a mystery called The Dog Killer of Utica. And that's all. I'm just so busy with the normal mom stuff + planning for TFOB and Disneyland that I can't focus on reading!

Ah well, if I can get the Dog Killer read and reviewed before we go, hopefully a little vacation time will reset my brain and help me get my reading mojo back. My amazing January/early February reading pace couldn't be sustained forever!

Any of YOU in a reading slump too?

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