June 9, 2014

What Does the Fox Say? (A Dramatic Reading)

If you follow Quirky Bookworm on Facebook, you may have seen my recent status update about finding What Does the Fox Say? in kid book version at the library*.

I decided to check the book out, mostly to annoy Noel. (That song really irritates him, heehee.)

But then we had friends over for dinner, and I had a stroke of inspiration. I asked my friend Ben (formerly Mr. Ben of Bookmans Storytime fame) to do a dramatic reading of the book. It's a highly unprofessional video: you can see Eleanor's messy bookshelves and hear our friends talking in the background. Plus I get the giggles so bad that the camera gets a little shaky. But Ben does a stellar job reading a very silly book with an almost straight face.

If you subscribe via email you'll probably have to click through to watch the video, which you should definitely do. Because who doesn't want to hear Ben say "Hatee hatee hatee ho"?

What song really annoys YOU?

*Then again, maybe not. Facebook only shows about 20% of you my updates on average... liking or commenting on a post when they show up in your feed is the best way to make sure that more posts show up!