July 4, 2014

Bookworm Friday Link-Up #5 - #bookwormproblems

This post is especially funny since today is the 4th of July. I apparently would've been a Tory back in 1776, because I'm obsessed with England. I mean, I knew I was an Anglophile, don't get me wrong. But until I started tracking where the books I read are set; I never realized how heavily skewed my reading is.

My #bookwormproblem is that I can't stop reading books set in England! I mean look how pitiful my 2014 map is so far: only a handful of books set in North America, none in South America, none in Asia, and one in Africa, just because I sort of arbitrarily stuck Cress there, even though it's also set on the Moon and in a satellite. Exactly half of the sixty books I've read have been set in England or Scotland.

I was debating what to do about this #bookwormproblem. At first I was like, "I'm making a pledge! No books set in England for two months!" And then I realized that Shelf Awareness might send me something set there, and then I kind of have to read it. Or what if the new Ann Cleeves or the new Robert Galbraith come in at the library? I've been waiting ages, I don't want to start over on the waitlists!

I think instead, I'll try and do a two for one. For every book set in England, I have to read two set somewhere else. And I'm deliberately going to seek out African/ South American/ Asian books to read. So I need your help. Leave me recommendations of your favorite non-English authors in the comments, please!

Now, it's your turn! Who else has #bookwormproblems? Link your posts up below. (The link-up will be open all week, so feel free to get a post together if you've suddenly realized a big bookish problem in your life.)