July 23, 2014

Interrogating My Bookshelves

Last month I read a post from Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness where she shared this comic from Tom Gauld. She then broke down her bookshelves according to his categories, and I thought it was a really fun idea!

For the purposes of this post, I'm just talking about the books in the living room. Because the ones in the bedroom are my favorites, and every one of them falls into the "read" category. But the living room contains the nicer books (I keep the baby-chewed paperbacks out of sight), and so there are more different categories of books.

There are 374 books total.

  • Read: 288
  • Intending to read: Children of God, the Maigret books (by Georges Simenon), the rest of the Lymond Chronicles (by Dorothy Dunnett).
  • Half-Read: a couple of Christian ones: C.S. Lewis, Donald Miller, etc. And some of the linguistic ones: I know I've read part of a couple of Steven Pinkers, but I'm not sure which.
  • Pretend I've Read: The parenting books. Eh, let's face it, I'll read a few parenting blog posts here and there, but I'm never going to read a parenting book.
  • Saving for When I Have More Time: the Scandinavian mysteries. There are a couple of Henning Mankells, some Hakan Nesser, some Karen Fossum. 
  • Will Never Read: the Cormac McCarthys. Those are all Noel.
  • Purely for Show: Hmm, I've tried to weed out a lot of those. I guess a few of the classics? We have some Dostoevsky and Dickens and such that probably will never get read again.
  • Read, But Can't Remember a Single Thing About It: The Fred Vargas mysteries. They all blend together in my head.
  • Wish I Hadn't Read: I don't really keep the books that I wish I hadn't read. But I guess maybe The Road. (Since I dislike Cormac McCarthy.)

How do your bookshelves break down?