July 25, 2014

Summer Sickness

If I tell you I'm a little bitter, you won't hold it against me, right?

Because so far this summer, we've had two cases of pink eye, two cases of thrush, three colds, and one unidentifiable malaise between us. IN THE SUMMER. For Pete's sake, what is winter going to be like?

I'm especially annoyed because right at this moment the girls are supposed to be at my parents' house, and Noel and I are supposed to be on our way to a night of fun and relaxation in Scottsdale.

But, no.

We decided that we're on vacation for the next few days, even though we're home and feeling lousy. So we're ordering in food, watching too much tv, and generally being lazy.

Which works out well, since I typically take off the week around our anniversary as my "summer break" from blogging. I may pop in midweek, haven't made up my mind yet, but I may just take the whole week off.

In which case I'll be back for the Bookworm Friday link-up next Friday! Get your Judging Books by Their Covers posts ready!