August 15, 2014

Bookish Gifts (aka My Friends and Family Know Me Far Too Well)

A couple of months ago my mom bought me Everything I Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book. Coincidentally, I opened the book to the page 'Treat yourself', as I was eating a donut on National Donut Day. Sooo, I obeyed the advice. I mean, obviously, if it comes from a Golden Book it's good advice, right?

Way back at my birthday my friend Meghan gave me a Litographs gift certificate, but I waited to lose some baby weight before ordering this Persuasion shirt. It has the full text of the novel on it, in tiny print!

And I love this library card pouch that my friend Dayna gave me last year. So far I mostly use it when we go on road trips. It's the perfect size to hold all the phone chargers and earbuds, and it's so cute it makes me happy when I see it in my purse. Plus, sometimes Juliet plays with it. Bonus!

Have you gotten any fun bookish gifts lately?