August 13, 2014

Short & Tweet: What I'm Reading

I've read quite a bit lately (thanks in large part to the nasty summer cold that kept us home all week). I also bought my first e-book! And then bought another one the next day... I think a dangerous threshold has been crossed.

Here are my tweet-style reviews of the books (and e-books) I've read so far in August. They divide themselves oh-so-tidily: half mystery and half young adult.

Blue Shoes and Happiness by Alexander McCall Smith. Precious Ramotswe contemplates a diet, & fixes the problems of her clients & friends with her usual skill. #botswana (4 stars)

The Stone Wife by Peter Lovesey. I usually love Superintendent Diamond, but this book was... odd. And frankly absurd. Love the Bath setting though! #imissengland (3 stars)

Dead Water by Ann Cleeves. Still haven't quite forgiven Cleeves for BLUE LIGHTNING, but excited that Jimmy Perez is back. Renewed my obsession with Shetland. (4 stars)

Legend by Marie Lu. Kicking myself for not reading this sooner. SO GOOD. Immediately tried to find next books at library, but wait list was ridiculous. #YA (5 stars)

The Maze Runner by James Dashner. "Butterflies swam in his gut." Which is both a horrible sentence AND sums up my feeling about this book. Sad I picked it for the YABMC. (1 star)

Prodigy by Marie Lu. Continues the story of June & Day in post-apocalyptic "Republic of America". A strong middle entry, glad my 1st e-book purchase was good. (4 stars)

What have YOU been reading?

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