August 1, 2014

Bookworm Friday #6 - Judging Books By Their Covers: Persuasion

Time to get our judgy-pants on again! This time I'm looking at Jane Austen's Persuasion. I re-read this a couple of months ago for the Motherhood and Jane Austen Book Club, and I was surprised how much I loved it. I think Anne Elliot might actually slightly edge out Elizabeth Bennet for me at this point. As soon as I re-read P&P I'll probably change my mind again, but let's just say that I really enjoyed Persuasion.

I'm thinking maybe I just read it too young the first time around? So the eight wasted years seemed SO LONG. And the 28 year old heroine seemed positively ancient. Whereas now she seems quite youthful, ha!

Anyway, on to the covers. I like the two in the top row the best I think. The bottom right one just cracks me up. Why were books in the 60s so orange?!

Which cover do YOU like the best? Share in the comments or link-up your own posts below.

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P.P.S. Six months of Bookworm Friday link-ups, awesome! I'm pondering changing it to just #bookwormproblems, since those seem more fun to write. Will any of you be crushed if the Judging Books by Their Covers link-ups go away?