September 26, 2014

B is for Busy

I meant to do a "what I'm reading" round-up today. But sadly I haven't really been able to do much reading! What with birthday parties and church events and sick kiddos and family things, I feel like I've barely been home. (Actually, I'm typing this post on my grandpa's laptop right now.) 

I did (finally!) finish Outlander on audio. I have mixed feelings about it; not sure if I'll go on with the series or not. I loved the first third, in the middle third I got tired of all the sex, and then the last third was rather violent. But I'm intrigued by the story enough (and people told me that the series gets less violent) that I'll probably at least read Dragonfly in Amber.

And I'm working on Empire of Sin for Shelf Awareness. It's a really good history of turn-of-the-twentieth century New Orleans. Expect a full review soon!

In my not-reading time, I've been getting ready for my first 31 party! I've loved their bags for a long time, and I just decided to give being a consultant a chance. 

And, I've been loving watching the baby toddle around the house. It's like having a tiny, adorable zombie roaming around. She puts her arms out for balance, and she makes little grunting sounds, so it's pretty priceless. Which is why I just couldn't resist embedding that video for you above!

So there you have my non-reading week in a nutshell. 

What have YOU been up to?