January 2, 2015

2014 Reading Stats and 2015 Reading Goals (with Pie Charts!)

I had a pretty great reading year in 2014. I read a total of 122 books. (And if you're like, "What? 122 books in one year, she's CRAZY!", be sure to check out my 10 Tips to Help You Read More Often from earlier this week.) 

When I did my "Best Books of the Year, So Far" post in July, I'd finished 60 books, so my year was pretty evenly divided. Here's a summary of the 5Ws (and an H!) of my total reading year.

What I Read

I read mostly fiction, as usual. But the stats were especially bad this year. So my goal for 2015 is to read at least 20% nonfiction.

As for what kind of fiction I read, I didn't track each specific genre. But I did mark which titles were YA. Unsurprisingly, given my YA Book and Movie Club and the increasing number of really good options, I read more YA each year.

Who I Read

I wish I'd tracked this better. I didn't write down anything about author gender or ethnicity. I love how Kim broke down her author stats - I think I'll try and do the same thing in 2015.

Why I Read

This is probably the chart that surprised me most. I really thought my obligation reading/ free-time reading was about equal. But nope, I read for fun way more than I read for review!

Where I Read

I mostly read in my house. Occasionally at the library. But if we're talking where in a figurative sense, it's a little more diverse.

I once again kept a map of the locations of the books I read. I'm sad to report that I failed miserably at Latin America this year... zero books! You can visit my full map here - I pinned each location! But in case a world map with 122 pins in it makes you a little cross-eyed, I also made a chart. When you add the UK and the rest of Europe together, they account for 55% of my reading. So once again in 2015, my goal is going to be to branch out more! I already said that less than 1/2 of my books could be set in the UK, but I'm going to revise that to say less than 50% in Europe.

When I Read

Mostly at naptime for print books... because Juliet is such a pest if I try to read print books while she's around. She climbs into my lap, between me and the book. E-books, and audiobooks are definitely easier to manage with kids underfoot!

How I Read

2014 was a gamechanger for me, because I finally started reading e-books. Considering that I finished my first e-book toward the end of May, the fact that I ended up with 36 by the end of the year is pretty staggering! I read them all on my phone, but I think we're going to buy a Kindle soon. We'll see if that skews things even farther.

Was 2014 a good reading year for you?
Have you set 2015 goals?