May 4, 2015

You Might Be a Bookworm If...

A few weeks ago I asked fans of the Quirky Bookworm Facebook page to finish that sentence for me. I love the responses I got!


  • You read 50 pages each of four separate books in one day! -- me 
  • If you start crying and yelling at your husband about how Rosie never gets a break, and he has NO idea what you're talking about (Rosie in Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern) and he just assumes you are mad at HIM for some reason because why ELSE would you be so upset? -- Jill B
  • You miss fictional characters after you finish reading a book. -- Meagan S
  • You have at least 30 children's books memorized! -- Jessica M
  • You read in the dentist's chair. (I do) -- Lloyd  R
  • No matter how many books are in your TBR pile at home, you can't resist picking up one (or five) every time you take your kids to the library. -- Jennifer Y
  • You get sad when the book is over. :( -- Sylvia M
  • You call your books by the first name of their protagonist. (My husband recently asked me if I was going to read an Alexia Terrabotti any time soon. And I remember walking around the house when I was 11 wondering where I put Anne (of Green Gables) down.) -- Ryann P
  • You wanted to marry Lord Peter.... -- Kim C
  • Your audiobook library is larger than your music catalogue. -- Audible Australia

Your turn! You might be a bookworm if...

P.S. Don't forget! The next #bookwormproblems link-up is on Wednesday, May 6th.