June 13, 2015

Quick Lit: Short Reviews of My June Reads (So Far)

I've been on a good run again lately - so I'm hoping to get through quite a few books this month. Here's a round-up of the halfway point. I decided to do super-super short reviews this month, tweet-style! So each review will be 140 characters or less.

Already Read

  • The Last Letter From Your Lover - Mixed feelings. Loved the writing, hated the infidelity. Especially in the modern story; I didn't mind as much in the other love story.
  • The Life Intended - Oh-so-predictable as Harmel's books always are. But sweet and enjoyable. Perfect #beachread.
  • How to Be a Grown-Up - Like The Devil Wears Prada, but a 40-something mom of two is the new employee. Liked it at first, but it got a little old. For Shelf Awareness.
  • Idyll Threats - Police chief sees victim an hour before her death. But can't tell anyone, bc it will out him. Decent mystery, v. interesting protagonist.
  • The Lure of the Moonflower - Fun historical fiction, 12th (and final) in the series. Sad to see some of these characters go.
  • Named of the Dragon - I love, LOVE Susanna Kearsley. Perfect escape reading. Made myself finish all outstanding reviews before starting this! #bookwormproblems

Working On

  • Golden Fool - Only have four hours left in this 24 hour audiobook. Epic & wonderful.
  • Slice Harvester - Memoir about an attempt to eat a slice at every pizza place in Manhattan. Read 20 pages, stopped to reheat pizza for lunch. 
  • A God in Ruins - Gotta hurry up on this library one, it's due soon. I need to carve out a big chunk of time! I've just been doing too much e-reading lately.

Up Next

  • Falling in Love - I also enjoy Guido Brunetti mysteries. Venice is on my bucket list because of this series.

What have YOU been reading?

Planning to link-up with Modern Mrs. Darcy's Quick Lit.