July 21, 2015

What I Wish I Was Reading: Books I Can't Wait For

There are some books that I'm dying to read. I've pre-ordered a couple of them, but while I'm waiting to actually read them, I figure I could talk to you guys about them, to help scratch the itch a little bit. A lot of these titles don't have cover images yet, so some of the pictures earlier books by the same author.

The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes From a Small Island

Bill Bryson grew up in Iowa, moved to England for 20 years, moved to Connecticut for a few years, and then moved back to England. He offers a perfect perspective on the differences in American and British culture, and his dry wit is so great. I loved Notes From a Small Island, so I can't wait for this one! I've really enjoyed his last few books which are more straight-up histories (One Summer, At Home), but I'm glad for a return to more of his travel essay-type writing. Comes out: January 2016


I cannot WAIT for the conclusion to the Cinder quartet (well, kind of quintet now). I didn't really enjoy Fairest (the backstory of Levana, the villian in the four main books), but I'm excited for the conclusion to the stories of Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress. And the ending of Cress set up the awesomeness that will be Winter quite nicely I think. If you haven't read any of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer yet, hurry! Winter comes out in November 2015.

The Lake House

I really enjoy Kate Morton's books, and I tend to love books set in Cornwall, so I'm quite excited about The Lake House this fall. Although really, I wish she'd come up with a more original title... James Patterson and Keanu Reeves have already beaten her to this one. I'm sure I'll devour the book in no time though. Comes out: October 2015.

The Raven King

This was originally supposed to come out this fall, so I pre-ordered it in March. But publication got delayed (tragic sigh), and now it doesn't come out until NEXT March. Oh well, I guess it gives me time to re-read the first 3 books again before it comes out. I've read The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves twice, but I only read Blue Lily, Lily Blue one time. If you only have time for one amazing YA quartet in the next few months, I'd pick this one over the Lunar Chronicles, hands down.

After You

I enjoyed Me Before You, and I'm intrigued to read the continuation of Lou's story. I haven't pre-ordered this one, because I don't care quite that much, but I'm definitely reserving it at the library! I liked Me Before You on audio though... maybe I will save an Audible credit for After You, since I already have Lou's voice in my head so clearly. Comes out: September 2015.

Morning Star

I'm listening to Golden Sun now, and I'm sure once I'm done I'll be dying to read Morning Star. They're books 2 and 3 of a really good science fiction YA trilogy. A little Hunger Games-y, but set on Mars. And with more interesting characters - Darrow is fascinatingly complicated. Comes out: January 2016

What books are YOU waiting for?

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