August 6, 2015

#bookwormproblems - Anticipointment

Years ago one of my younger sisters (Courtney?) coined the word "anticipointment" for when you've been waiting and waiting for something, and you're disappointed when it finally arrives.

I mentioned in my post on Monday that I'd been waiting since November for Taherah Mafi's Shatter Me trilogy from the library. I got it this week, and I read about 5 chapters of the first book, and I don't like it at all.

It gets good reviews though... so maybe I should keep plugging away? I mean, I waited for NINE months, surely it deserves a second chance?

Or should I just give up while the going is good, and let someone else get the books about 2 weeks early than they thought they would?

Decisions decisions. I'm so anticipointed!

What would YOU do?

P.S. The winner of my big summer giveaway was entry #18 - Erin De Bruin. Thanks for entering everyone! And don't forget to check out other people's #bookwormproblems above.