August 9, 2015

Currently: What I'm Reading // Bemoaning // Chasing

Time: 2:49pm
Reading // Nothing. That's the problem. (And that's why I've been blogging less frequently the last week or two.) I just cannot break myself out of my book rut! 
Watching // Noel and I have watched the first few episodes of Turn - a show about spies during the Revolutionary War. I'm really enjoying it so far.
Eating // Toasted Cheerios. I've never been a milk & cereal girl (I HATE soggy food). But I've discovered that if you toast a cup or so of Cheerios in a small pan, with about a tablespoon of butter, it makes for a crunchy, salty, sweet snack that's deliciously addicting.
Bemoaning // Juliet managed to stay healthy for an entire five weeks in a row this summer! But Eleanor's been in school for 3 weeks, and Juliet is already sick for the second time. She's got a fever of 102 today, and is just pitiful. BOO. It's gonna be a looooong school year.
Wishing // It would rain. The sky is all gloomy and threatening, but so far, nary a drop.
Listening // To podcasts. (Perhaps also part of my book rut problem!) I'm still loving Sorta Awesome, and I've been bingeing on The Popcast. It's a super fun show all about pop culture and movies and tv and music, and it makes me laugh so hard. There's an episode called "Is Taylor Swift the Antichrist?" where they analyze Taylor Swift, using Bible passages from Daniel and Revelation. I laughed till I cried!
Stepping // I upped my step goal to 9000 steps a day, which has been making me walk more. Since it's usually too hot to walk outside in the day time, I pace inside a lot, or go for after-sunset walks.
Chasing // Although the few minutes I do walk outside in the middle of the day are the five minutes Juliet and I spend chasing rabbits in the desert before Eleanor's bus arrives. It usually gets to the bus stop between 11:16 and 11:20, so we leave our house at 11:10, and take a little wascally wabbit detour on our way there. We see bunnies every day, and Juliet loves it so much that it's worth the 10 minutes of being super hot and sweaty.
Working // Well, I OUGHT to be working on some reviews today. I'm overdue, I was supposed to submit one to Shelf Awareness yesterday. But I feel like I've been neglecting you guys too, so I decided to pop over here for 10 minutes.
Time: 2:58. Woohoo! Now I have one minute to proofread and hit publish.

What are YOU currently up to?