March 2, 2016

March Reading Plans

As I said in my February wrap-up, I'm really liking planning out 6-7 books to read at the beginning of each month. Since I naturally tend to read about 10 books a month, that leaves me some flexibility with fun add-ins. But, having a plan means that I always have an idea of what to read next, and don't fall down YouTube or Netflix rabbit holes quite so easily...

Here are the books I'm planning to read this month!

Hard Light by Elizabeth Hand
Where I got it: From Shelf Awareness for review
Why did I pick it? The description called it the ne plus ultra of modern noir, and compared the heroine to Lisbeth Salander. So far, there's a lot more drugs and a lot less intrigue than Stieg Larsson's books. But I'm less than 100 pages in, so I'll give it a bit more time.

Only in Naples by Katherine Wilson
Where I got it: From Shelf Awareness for review
Why did I pick it? I love foodie memoirs and travel memoirs, and this one is a bit of both! At the beginning she made a few casual references to childhood activities that were obviously expensive. Turns out, she's Katherine Wilson of THE Wilsons. (As in the sporting goods company!)

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer 
Where I got it: Well, technically I don't have it yet. But according to the library's website, it should be mine all mine in about 3 days.
Why did I pick it? Because I love the world of the Lunar Chronicles, and I'm not ready to leave it yet!

Columbine by Dave Cullen
Where I got it: Bought it.
Why did I pick it? Laura Tremaine recommended it on a recent episode of Sorta Awesome, and I was intrigued.

Dinner Made Simple from the editors of Real Simple
Where I got it: From Shelf Awareness for review
Why did I pick it? I decided to add this to my review stack because it looks super yummy. It uses 35 ingredients to make 350 different meals, which is a fun concept.

An Honorable Man by Paul Vidich
Where I got it: From Shelf Awareness for review
Why did I pick it? Honestly? There were about 4 books from Shelf Awareness that looked equally interesting. The scales tipped in favor of this one when I realized it was also available on Netgalley. I've got so many print books going on right now that I needed a digital one for those moments when I've just got my Kindle or phone handy.

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
Where I got it: The library
Why did I pick it? I'm in a Sorta Awesome spinoff group called Sorta Literary on Facebook. Several people mentioned how great this one was, so I put in a hold request. And luckily it became available right away, so I should be able to start it soon.

What are YOU planning to read this month?

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