July 14, 2016

Knowing When To Let Go (A Bookish Dilemma)

I've been struggling with my #harrypotterthon16 goals. Eleanor and I are still working through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and I tried reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets concurrently, but it was just bugging me to move on in the series without finishing book 1 first. Plus, Shelf Awareness asked me to read two extra books for July, which cut down on my "fun" reading time.

I was feeling kind of stressed about failing at my own readalong; but then I realized that really, I've read all the books multiple times. I can still talk about them in the YA Book Club, and enjoy listening to what everyone else has to say about them! And it's better to quit the the readalong than to stress myself out.

I also was listening to Glass Sword on audio, but I just officially bailed. I tried it in print a few months ago, and couldn't get into it; so I waited for the audio to come in at the library. I've listened to almost 2/3 of it now, and I don't care at all what happens to any of the characters, so I'm just giving up on it. I mean, you could say I've wasted 8 hours of my life... or you could say I'm saving 6 hours by quitting while I'm ahead!

It's so hard to give up on books sometimes, especially when I feel like I "ought" to read them, or they're actually really well-written. But sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

When do YOU quit a book?