July 18, 2016

Eleanor's Favorite Series

We made strawberry jam as a meet-the-teacher gift; and E designed a card saying "I hope your class will be "strawsome". 

Today is Eleanor's first day of first grade! (We live in a district with a modified year-round schedule.) In honor of that milestone, she's helped me make a list of her favorite series to share with you.*

Cupcake Diaries

Eleanor likes these "because they're creative, and they bake cupcakes which are sugary". 

Judy Moody

"I don't know why I like them. I just do." (Note from Jessica: I think I need to read one of these! She giggles out loud SO MUCH when she's reading them. It's adorable.)

The Sisters 8

"I like that the sisters have adventures. And a robot to clean their house. And they have plants inside their house and a big watering can that zips around the ceiling and stops over each plant to water it. And once it watered Rebecca."

The Buddy Files

"Buddy is a funny dog detective. He's not good at math. When he counts to 3 he's like, 'One, seven, five.' "

Just Grace

"There are lots of comics and drawings inside these books. Mimi has a little brother named Robert who loves to play with her dog, Mr. Scruffers. It's a girl dog but has a boy name."

What books did you like as a first grader? 

(I was HUGELY into Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden, but alas, I can't get Eleanor into either of them, no matter how hard I try. Maybe one of these days...)

*She does read ahead of grade level; so just know that some of these books may be too hard for some first graders! But hang on to this list for later, because she promises they're all great. Also, images are affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Quirky Bookworm!