January 26, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship with Amazon

As you've probably noticed, I use Amazon affiliate links here on Quirky Bookworm. If you click through and buy something using a link, I earn a small commission. So far in 5 months of blogging I've made $6.41. Big money!

I love Amazon because it's convenient, because it has diapers cheaper than anywhere else, and because I have an Amazon credit card I got in college, so I earn 3 percent back if I shop there.

I hate Amazon because they're putting small bookstores out of business, the price check app they created is just plain mean, and the Kindle is proprietary.

Part of me wants to say phooey on Amazon, and exclusively shop locally. But then the rational part of my brain points out that my budget can't afford that. And that Eleanor wouldn't like getting dragged to the store that much. And really, is buying my diapers at Target all that different from buying them on Amazon?

I still shop at local secondhand bookstores all the time, but admittedly most of my new book purchases are from Amazon. They're just so much cheaper there.

How do you feel about Amazon? Do you shop there? 
Where do you buy most of your books?

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