April 18, 2013

Short Takes on My Historical Fiction Craze

I know I said that I was looking for a good YA book to break up my mystery monotony. But instead I went the historical fiction route. It was a lovely little departure from my usual reviewing material, and a nice little break while I was sick and didn't feel like focusing on anything.

Here's what I read:

My Brother Michael by Mary Stewart. Set in 1950s Greece, this was written as a contemporary romance/mystery. But sixty-odd years later it's historical (right?) and still irresistible. Camilla stumbles upon a mystery (and a handsome man named Simon) in Delphi.

The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer. Set in 1740s England, this tells the story of an eccentric family, led by a clever, criminal father whose two dutiful children cross-dress in order to hide their identities as escaped Jacobites. But then Peter (Prudence) and Kate (Robin) each meet someone they could love. How to resume their own genders and find true love without creating a scandal?

The Williamsburg Series by Elswyth Thane. A gorgeous family saga starting in the 1770s, which follows the Day and Sprague families from the Revolutionary War through World War Two. I'll give you a more detailed breakdown on these soon, because they deserve a full review post. My favorites are the first four though for sure, they're basically perfect literature; except for the slightly awkward references to "coloreds" and such. (But they were written back in the 1930s, and at least they never use the N-word...)

The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. This one is set between 1920s and modern-day England, told in alternating chapters. I just started it on audio, and I'm trying to savor it a little, since once it's over I'll be done with all of Kate Morton's books! But, I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll end up blitzing through it just like I did with all her other books.

Have you read any good historical fiction lately?

Check out my earlier reviews of Mary Stewart's Madam, Will You Talk?, and Georgette Heyer's Charity Girl for more great historical fiction.

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