February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Quirky Bookworm!

Quirky Bookworm is six months old today! I hit publish on my very first post on August 28, 2011. (Although I didn't really tell anyone about the blog for another 10 days, because I wanted to have a bit of an archive before people started checking it out.)

This is my 125th post! I can't believe I've written that many already.

Some of my favorite posts from my first few months of blogging were:
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Your favorite posts over the last six months (the ones most viewed) have been:
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Thanks so much to all of you who keep coming back here, and who leave comments or follow Quirky Bookworm on Facebook and Twitter. It's been even more fun than I thought it would be to create this online community -- and it really feels like a community to me! It's amazing to know that I have regular readers from places as different as Ohio, South Africa, Arizona, Illinois, Canada, and Texas.

It wouldn't be any fun to do this without your feedback, so thank you, again! I hope you'll be around to celebrate many more quirky birthdays.

I want to know more about you guys! How many books do you normally read a year? Where do you live? What's the best book you've read so far in 2012?