March 25, 2012

Currently...a Thursday Afternoon

I'm borrowing this idea from Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, who wrote a Currently... post last month. I actually wrote this post Thursday and queued it up for today because this weekend we have 2 different family parties, a bowling trip with friends, lunch out, some basketball watching, church, and a picnic planned; so I think a little time offline is in order!

Time // 2:30 pm.
Place // At my desk in our bedroom.
Eating // Nothing right now. I had a salad and a brownie for lunch (they cancel each other out, right?)
Drinking // Water. With lots of ice.
Watching // Noel and I have been enjoying Fringe Season 4, and I have been watching Biggest Loser by myself. I kind of want to punch Conda in the face though.
Reading // On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder and The Seventh Gate by Richard Zimler. I'm barely into The Seventh Gate, so I can't say much more about it. On the Banks of Plum Creek is just as good as I thought it'd be.
Wanting // a 31 organizing tote and another one of those brownies.
Thinking // About my projects for the rest of the afternoon — I'm having about a dozen people over for a 31 party tonight, and I need to mop the downstairs and prep snacks.
Creating // Do blog posts count? Or brownies? Because those chocolate chip brownie cookies that I'm serving tonight are pretty dang amazing, if I say so myself.
Hoping // That Eleanor naps long enough for me to get everything done!
Needing // A home pedicure. It's flip flop season here in AZ, and my feet are all gross.
Anticipating // A niece! My little sister was due yesterday...hopefully baby Anna arrives soon!

What are you currently thinking about? Hoping for? 
Any fun plans this weekend?