March 8, 2012

Judging Books by Their Covers: James Patterson

When I worked at Bookmans, almost half of the P-Z Mystery cart was James Patterson. All of the covers on his books look pretty much the same, and since he writes about 14* new books every year, it got a little old. So whenever a British edition with a different cover showed up it was a nice change of pace!

*a slight exaggeration: in 2011 - 11 books, in 2010 - 10. Wonder if it'll be 12 this year? But (here's a helpful hint) in spite of the proliferation, never, ever joke about ghostwriters with a customer shopping the James Patterson section. She'll definitely give you a lecture about what a great writer he is, and how it's AMAZING that he can write that many books in one year, and that he DEFINITELY writes all of his own books. Lesson learned.

Which cover do you prefer? 
Can you tell which is the British one?
(There's a tiny trick that usually gives the British book away).

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