August 3, 2012

I Used to Be a Bookworm, Then the Olympics Started (Links)

Seriously. I can't stop watching them. 
  • Or laughing about Jon Stewart's fake Olympic spoilers. Check #FakeSpoiler on Twitter for absolute hilarity! If you can't read the picture above, I think my favorites are: "IOC announces it will combine archery and gymnastics, 'to see what happens.'" and "Fencer indicted for receiving, selling stolen goods."
  • According to The Guardian, a combination of The Hunger Games  and Olympic records being broken has caused a spike in interest in archery. Apparently archery is now "cool", thanks to Katniss!
  • Did you know that Hermione Granger was almost Hermione Puckle? And Nancy Drew was almost Stella Strong or Helen Hale? I love this list of the names that famous literary characters almost had!
  • And, thanks to Shelf Awareness for linking up to this post, where a six-year-old judges books by their covers. (I've never even thought to ask Eleanor which is better in my Judging Book Covers posts!) The six-year-old describes Slaughterhouse Five  as "It’s about the desert. It’s a mystery about the desert. You know, I think it’s actually about a slot machine that is lost in the desert."
  •  I found this infographic comparing the London 1908, London 1948, and London 2012 games fascinating! It'll be even better when the 2012 games are over, and it can be updated for full comparisons.
But, till they're over, you can find me parked in front of my tv, playing Matching with Friends on my phone while I watch the Olympic awesomeness. Eleanor has also been enjoying watching 'swimming' (aka swimming or diving or rowing or...) and 'mastics' (better known as gymnastics!). 

Have you been watching the Olympics? 
Do you play Matching with Friends? (I'm Jessestblonde).