September 29, 2012

31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books

{Scroll down to read how I decided to write about 31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books! 
Or, just click the links below to read about each one of these great books.}

Day 1: Farmyard Beat
Day 2: Key to the Treasure (a Liza, Bill, and Jed mystery)
Day 3: The Castle in the Attic
Day 4: Mr. Putter and Tabby Spin the Yarn
Day 5: The Gingerbread Cowboy 
Day 6: The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden)
Day 7: Pet Show!
Day 8: Ballet Shoes
Day 9: Katie in the Kitchen (Katie Woo)
Day 10: Little Blue Truck Leads the Way
Day 11: All of a Kind Family
Day 12: Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain
Day 13: The Black Stallion
Day 14: Listen, Listen! (giveaway!)
Day 15: First 100 Words
Day 16: Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa
Day 17: Gregor the Overlander 
Day 18: Recommendations FROM and FOR You!
Day 19: Katie John
Day 20: Homesick
Day 21: How the Sphinx Got to the Museum
Day 22: Pippi Longstocking
Day 23: The Iron Ring
Day 24: 5 Halloween Picture Books
Day 25: The Borrowers
Day 26: The Lightning Thief
Day 27: Meeow
Day 28: Gone-Away Lake
Day 29: Summer Reading is Killing Me! 
Day 30: The Kite Fighters
Day 31: 8 Books I Loved as a Kid

Last year I joined in the Nester's 31 Days Series. I wrote about 31 Days of Good Reads, and it was a lot of fun.

This year I was musing about doing the 31 Days series again, but I wasn't loving any of my ideas. I didn't want to do just regular reviews again. I pondered something like "31 Days of Bookworm Living" - but I worried you guys might get bored just reading about me reading.

Then, inspiration struck! I'm always looking for new books to read to Eleanor, and I get asked questions about kids' books all the time. I decided that I'd do a series on 31 Days of Awesome Kids' Books.

Here are the basic details:
  • I'll review one great kids' book every day for the month of October.
  • I'll link up each review back to this original post, so that you can find them all together.
  • I'll try to avoid Newbery Medal Winners and Caldecott Medal Winners, since those are pretty obviously awesome. I'm going to try hard to find books that I loved as a kid, or that I've recently discovered - which are fun and original, but which you may not be familiar with.
  • I may have a giveaway or two - I've contacted a few publishers to see if any of them are interested in giving you guys some copies of the books I'll be reviewing.
So, stay tuned! If you have kids, be prepared for some great books that your kids will love. If you don't have kids, write these books down: they'll make great birthday and Christmas gifts for the nieces/nephews/friends in your life. Or, if you're like me, you may just want to read some of them on your own -- I've had a blast re-reading all these kids' books in preparation for the series.

Are you doing a 31 Days Series? 
What's one of your favorite kids' books?