September 27, 2012

The Books I'm Taking on Vacation

The Books I'm Taking on Vacation
I know, I look overly optimistic. But here's how it breaks down.
The reason I'm taking so many books is that the two Shelf Awareness ones and Henrietta Lacks are just to read bits of, to stay on pace. I don't need to finish any of them. The two kids' ones I expect to blow through quickly. And Fire Study is just fun, vacation-y reading.

Library reserve books

I'm also quite proud of myself because Necessary as Blood and No Mark Upon Her aren't in that pile. I took back the two Deborah Crombies I'd requested from the library, unread. It felt very grown-up, to say "Nope, I already have enough fun reading for the vacation, I need to finish some review reading."

Plus, they're the last two in the series, and I'll be oh-so-sad when I'm caught up. So it's just as well to delay the inevitable a bit.

How many books do you take on vacation? 
Or are you all e-readers?

P.S. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Speaking of Amazon, I just looked up Fire Study, and realized it's book three in the Study series, not book two. D'oh!! I should've kept a Deborah Crombie after all!