September 16, 2012

Welcome to the Me(a)g(h)an Miniseries!

There are a lot of Me(a)g(h)ans in my life.

There's my sister Meagan. (On my right, in the pink shirt).

My friend and kitchen conspirator Meghan. (Normally she's taller than me. I guess I was wearing huge heels at that wedding? I don't remember.)

And my friend Megan from college (on my right, in the blue shirt).

In addition to making Noel's life confusing, ("Meagan said...." "Who? Meagan sister? Meghan friend?" etc...), all of these Me(a)g(h)ans and I like to talk about books! 

Meghan-the-friend and I share a particular love of audiobooks, and I loaned her one I'd been sent for review. Then I thought, "Well duh! I should just make HER write the review, and save myself the trouble." 

Then Megan-from-college was talking about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I asked her if she'd review one of those zombie/vampire/sea monster type books for me, since I've never read any. 

And finally, I decided if it was gonna be a mini-series it'd better have at least three, so I bullied Meagan-the-sister into finishing a book and writing a review for me too! (I'm the oldest. She's used to it.)

So this week you can look forward to three guest reviews, from the three lovely Me(a)g(h)ans! I had fun reading their takes on these books, and I hope you will too.

How many Megan/Meagan/Meghan/Megynn/Meaghans do you know?

P.S. I'll update this post with links to their reviews, so that you can find them easily as a group.

Meghan: Jeffrey Deaver's XO 
Megan: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Meagan: I'll Walk Alone