September 14, 2012

BBAW: Book Blogs I Actually Read

Once again, Book Blogger Appreciation Week snuck (sneaked?) up on me. I meant to make a note of it after last year, but totally forgot until Monday morning when I was reading a post from Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness where she included a list of blogs she likes to read: and I was on it! 

Although I haven't participated in any of the themed posts for BBAW, I thought that in honor of it I'd share a few of the book blogs I enjoy. I read a lot more than these -- I have nearly 70 blogs in my reader -- but these are a few of the ones which I never choose to "mark all as read".
  • Sophisticated Dorkiness is one of my favorite book blogs: Kim reads a lot more nonfiction than I do, and makes me want to attempt more.  
  • Katie at cakes, tea and dreams reads a lot. I don't understand how she can read that many books! And this is coming from me, the girl who reads 150 books a year. I enjoy Katie's musings on books and life in Boston.
  • Jill from Rhapsody in Books lives here in Tucson, and I met her at the TFOB. Somehow knowing someone in real life makes reading their blog even more fun - I guess because I can picture the person behind Jill's funny posts. (Did you see her hilarious review of Julie Garwood's Sweet Talk?) 
  • I've also met Alyce from At Home with Books - and I appreciate her writing style, since, like me, she's a stay-at-home-book-reviewing-mom. 
  • I really enjoy author Lauren Willig's blog. She offers writing tips, a weekly "what I'm reading" post, and even occasionally posts full chapters of yet-to-be-published books!
  • One of my deep, dark secrets is that I've never really liked poetry. All the metaphors and the thoughts and the images I don't understand, meh. But - Jeanne from Necromancy Never Pays often posts poems, and reading her blog has actually made me start to like poetry a teensy bit. Maybe one of these days I'll read a book of poetry that wasn't written by Shel Silverstein.

Want to add any book blogs to my "must-read" list?