July 18, 2013

Currently: What I'm Reading // Drinking // Eyeballing // Deliberating About

Spotted at Bookmans - Vampirates! Almost as good as a #SharkNado....

Currently // 1:10 pm.
Reading // A Fatal Likeness by Lynn Shepherd. (A historical mystery involving Mary Shelley. Yes, that Mary Shelley.) Although 'reading' is generous, since I've been reading about 3 pages a day for a week now. This pregnancy brain thing is killing my reading stats!
Listening // to Eleanor's VBS music for the umpteenth millionth time. The kid is obsessed! But she knows all the motions, and sings so adorably, I just can't say no. Even though the songs are never going to get out of my head. Ever.
Eating // Golden Oreos. Mmmm. I've been craving Oreos for weeks, and finally gave in the other day and bought two packages.
Drinking // Water. Meh. But I've been trying to kick my silly soda habit for months now; and I decided it's time to get really serious about it.
Thinking about // what games to play at girls' night Friday night. Semi-tempted to torture everyone with a some funny icebreaker games. Like this one, mwah hah hah.
Eyeballing // the storm clouds. We're supposed to go swimming at my grandparents' house in a few hours. We'll see if the monsoon holds off. We've actually had some fairly awesome rain this summer; which was so needed! The storm on Monday was nuts though, I've never seen anything that hurricane-ish except on tv.
Making // I've been making loaf after loaf of bread lately, I just can't get enough of it. And my friend Meghan and I made this for dinner last night. They were completely amazeballs. (Ha, sorry, I couldn't resist the pun!)
Deliberating about // baby names. Noel and I thought we were settled on a girl name (it was boy names that were giving us trouble), till we found out that we're having a girl! We still have 3 months, but I'm feeling so wishy-washy about the whole thing it's bugging me.
Currently // 1:42 pm. (Blogging slowed down by an imperative "Mom! I really need a snack!")

What are YOU currently doing? 
(Besides reading this blog post...)