May 24, 2015

Changes to the YA Book & Movie Club Schedule

Due to the postponed publication of The Raven King (sob), I had to change the YABMC schedule for the rest of the year. Because obviously we can't read the first three Raven Cycle books this fall, and then wait all-the-way-till-February for the fourth book! So here's the new plan:

May - we continue with Daddy-Long-Legs (I loved re-reading this classic, and am looking forward to watching the Fred Astaire movie version for the first time).

June - If I Stay and Where She Went. These books are super short, so we're doing both. I enjoyed them last summer, but I haven't seen the If I Stay movie yet. I've heard it was good though!

July - Eleanor & Park. I love Rainbow Rowell, and I'm excited to read this again. E&P doesn't have a movie, but the 80s themes make it perfect for watching a classic 80s movie!

August - Little Women. Another classic. And, the movie, which I loved so much as a kid. I like Winona Ryder as Jo a lot.

September - Paper Towns. Yay John Green! I loved TFIOS the book and movie, hoping to feel the same way about this one.

October - Ruby Red. It has a German movie, which I'm going to try and get my hands on.

November - Sapphire Blue.

December - Emerald Green. I kind of like that the last two books don't have movies, since the holidays are always a little crazy, and finding time for a movie night isn't always possible.

If you are interested in joining us for the rest of the year, we have a YABMC Facebook group. It's not obnoxious, promise - you'll get at most a couple of posts a week. And it's so fun to be able to discuss books with fellow YA Lit fans!

Are you waiting for any books to come out?