August 28, 2015

5 Minutes for 5 Books: What We're Reading

Guys, I had planned a completely different post today. But my blogging time did not happen last night (thanks to a huge storm: we had 4-5 hours of power outage, and there are trees down all over our neighborhood, I'm so sad!). 

Anyway, I have about 10 minutes till I have to head for the bus stop to get Eleanor. So I'm going to try and sum up our favorite reads of the week in about 5 minutes, do a quick proofread for typos, and then grab my flip-flops and head out the door!

  1. Happy Birthday, Maisy! Juliet is obsessed, as I referenced on the Quirky Bookworm Facebook page. We've read this book about 10 times a day since we bought it at Bookmans. It has really cute flaps and pull-tabs, plus the usual fun Maisy illustrations.
  2. The Beekeeper's Apprentice. I'm still enjoying this audiobook. It's a Sherlockian mystery - I'm about 2/3 of the way through. I like that Sherlock Holmes is older in this series, sort of passing the torch to his young protegee Mary Russell.
  3. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. I've read the first four chapters of this one now, and it's gut-wrenching. It just makes me so sad to read about the double standards in law enforcement/prosecution/etc based on race.
  4. The Devil of Delphi. This is a mystery set in modern day Greece. It's pretty funny actually, and, oddly, the second book I've read this month about fake alcohol sales. (In this particular case, counterfeiters are mixing nail varnish, water, etc, into a potent mixture called "bomba", and then slapping real vodka labels on the bottles... causing deaths in Athens.)
  5. Pirate School: The Curse of Snake Island. We grabbed a handful of these at the library on a whim, and Eleanor's really been enjoying them. I'm happy to see her taking a break from her usual princessy obsessions!
What are you (or your kids) reading?