January 3, 2016

2016 Reading Goals

Now that I've shared my nerdy 2015 book stats, and my 15 Best Books of 2015, it's time to check back on how well I did on my reading goals last year! 

I had three simple reading goals for 2015:

  • 104 books (two per week).
  • reading fewer than 52 books set in England (because my Anglophilia is out of control)
  • reading at least 26 books by authors I haven't read before.
I more than accomplished those - since I read 148 books total, which included reading 65 new authors I'd never read before, and only 46 books set in England. Not too shabby!

I'm setting five for 2016:

I'm going to keep 2016 simple too I think. I'm tempted to join a bunch of the awesome reading challenges floating around...but I want to keep my reading fun, and not feel stressed about a to-read list. So here are the five fairly attainable goals:
  • read Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. This has been on my "to-read" list for like 5 years. It's happening this year.
  • read all of the titles for the Reading Together Family Exploration Book Club. Sheila and I went halfsies on selections, so I have some catching up to do in terms of reading.
  • read at least 12 books NOT set in North America or Europe. I did pretty well on African books last year, but I had very few Latin American or Asian titles in my repertoire. So this year I'm going to purposely branch out a little further (which the RTFEBC selections will help me with!)
  • read at least 20 nonfiction books. I keep telling myself, "C'mon Jessica, grow up a little bit. Read some nonfiction! It'll be good for you."
  • read 130 books or less. I think I naturally tend to read around 135-140 books a year. In 2015 I pushed it a bit, trying to get to 150 at the end. But I have some other projects up my sleeve in 2016, so I think I'll need to read a little less. I'll be reviewing about 50 titles for Shelf Awareness, plus the ones I want to read for the RTFEBC, but that still leaves me with at least 60 "fun" books, which surely ought to be plenty? Basically, I'm going to cap myself at 130 books, (unless I've already finished certain projects by December, and then get to read a lot next as my reward). 
Have you set any reading goals for your new year?