June 29, 2012

What do Katsa & Henry VIII have in common? [Audiobook Month Wrap Up & Weekend Links]


I've had fun talking about audio books this month! If you missed some of my June is Audiobook Month posts, I talked about why I love audio books, reviewed audiobooks by Tana French and Deborah Crombie, and judged an audiobook by its cover. And I mentioned my dilemma: is it audio book or audiobook? Or does it matter?

This month I also listened to G.J. Meyer's The Tudors  (for my next History by Threes post), and Graceling, as a refresher before reading Bitterblue. The Tudors  has been really good; I'm 16 of 20 discs done, and still enjoying it. I didn't really like Graceling -- mostly because I really don't like Full Cast Audio presentations. The main guy was good, but a couple of the voices didn't match what I thought the characters would sound like, and the woman who voiced Katsa was irritatingly robotic. I'd have much preferred it if David Baker had just done all the voices.

And, I discovered Audio Book Week at Devourer of Books a little too late to participate. I'll definitely participate next year though! I've been having fun reading posts by those who did link up though -- including discussion on the art of audio book reviewing at Teresa's Reading Corner. Also, the Oddiophile reminded me how much I liked The Thirteenth Tale. It's been a few years, I think I need to listen to it again!

What books did you listen to this month? 
Do you persevere if you find a narrator's voice irritating?