February 17, 2013

Back in the Reading Groove: February Reads (So Far)

I fiiiiinally finished Anna Karenina, and wham-bam, I'm back in my reading groove! Makes me happy to know that I hadn't totally lost my ability to focus. Also it helps that Eleanor and I have both been sick all week, so we didn't leave the house for days on end, meaning more reading time.

In January I only finished five books all month.

So far in February, I've finished NINE! I'm actually AHEAD on the books I'm reading for review, which never, ever happens. Besides the aforementioned Anna K, I've read:

  • Baksheesh* - I found the Istanbul setting of this mystery fascinating, but the writing itself was choppy. I don't know if something got lost in translation, or if it's just Esmahan Aykol's style.
  • Divergent - oh happy day. I found something to tide over my Hunger Games obsession until the Catching Fire movie comes out this fall. Currently on the waiting list for Insurgent at the library!
  • The Chalice* - sequel to The Crown - continues the story of Joanna Stafford, former nun, who is struggling to figure out life post-Reformation. The historical detail in this one was superb.
  • Grand Ambition: An Extraordinary Yacht, the People Who Built It, and the Millionaire Who Can't Really Afford It.* The subtitle sums this one up perfectly. I was kind of surprised how much I liked this, since it's not a typical read for me. 
  • Into Thin Air. Yippee! Finally knocked out the last half of this one, and removed it from the purgatory of my currently-reading shelf on Goodreads. 
  • Enchanted. This is a great YA fantasy-romance that mixes together elements of lots of fairy tales - the Frog Prince, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc. But my (small) quibble with it is that the reason for the curse in the first place was incomprehensible. And not like "I can't believe the author wrote that". Like, "What the what? That makes no sense!" Seriously, I never figured it out. But it was fun anyway.
  • Criminal Enterprise.* An action-packed bank heist thriller set in the Twin Cities. A surprisingly believable/relatable criminal and some very likeable law enforcement officers - definitely going to watch for more from this author.
  • The Ashford Affair.* I love Lauren Willig anyway, so I knew I'd like this. It departs from her Pink Carnation series; telling the story of Clemmie in 1999 New York, and her Granny Addie in WWI London and 1920s Kenya. Such fun. 

What have YOU been reading?

*to review for Shelf Awareness. Thus, not yet published.
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