December 11, 2013

So Much to Do + 2 Kids + No Time

Trying to do things for the holidays (housecleaning! envelope addressing! cookie baking!) plus handling a rather fussy 8 week old, and a 3 year old with a cold, is kind of killing me. (Sidenote: but aren't they cute in their matching outfits? Gotta love talented relatives who can make such things!)

I've managed to keep blogging, but the thing that's gone out the window has been reading... which is frustrating since I'm overdue on reviews. Traditionally I take about a week off blogging between Christmas and New Year's, and come back with my nerdtacular pie charts in early January. But I think that this year I will probably have more time then, because Noel has the week off work. 

Thus I declare this my vacation week instead! I'll be back on my birthday for the #bookwormproblems link-up! If you don't know what #bookwormproblems is, check out this post for more details. Make sure you read the comments, there are some hilarious ones. And see this post for info about the link-up - I can't wait to read your posts!

In the meantime, I just finished Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence, and I'm reading The Splendour Falls by Susanna Kearsley for review. Next up is either A Serial Killer in Nazi Berlin or The Last Death of Jack Harbin; and hopefully I'll also have time to get to Mayhem by Sarah Pinborough and The Swiss Affair by Emylia Hall.

And, should you need some gift ideas for the book lovers in your life, I previously published my gift guides parts one two and three, and I stand by all those ideas! Plus, as an early birthday present I was gifted some money to buy something on Litographs, and I CANNOT DECIDE. Do I want the Anne of Green Gables shirt?! The Anna Karenina tote?? So. Many. Choices.

What would YOU buy from Litographs?
What are YOU reading?