October 28, 2014

31 Days of Book Pics: Day 28 - Books in Motion

I was originally hoping to take a picture of Juliet running off with a book in her hands for this prompt. But, in the last few days I only thought of the picture at moments when she was sleeping or in the bathtub or something, and it just didn't pan out.

So instead, I snapped a pic of a few books-in-motion outside on the front porch again. I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm insane as a result of #31bookspics actually. 

These books are in motion on a couple of levels: first, they're hanging out on Juliet's 'motorcycle' (a recent first birthday acquisition), second, I couldn't resist fancy photo effects to add a little implied movement, and third, they're a trilogy about teenage time-travelers, so there is a lot of motion in the books! I really love this series; if I had any extra time I would give them a re-read!

Have you read the Ruby Red Trilogy?

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