November 28, 2014

Currently: Couches, Coordinating, and Carols

Currently: 3:31pm

Reading // Anne of the Island and Dragonfly in Amber and a mystery called City of Blood. I'm nothing if not eclectic! I'm going to try and hurry up and get ahead on the review for January (which are due in early December) so that I have some time to re-read a few holiday favorites too.

Watching // Noel and I have been loving this season of Modern Family and Parks and Recreation. We've also been watching Justified off and on, but we gave up on Blacklist. I feel like we need another "both of us" show. He likes Sleepy Hollow and House of Cards and I like Castle and The Biggest Loser. We both loved Sherlock and Luther, but sigh, the BBC is just too slow to put out new seasons! I tried to get him to watch Inspector Lewis, but he didn't like that. Any other suggestions?

Listening to // Lots of Christmas carols. And Old-Macdonald-Had-a-Farm. Thankfully Eleanor's Frozen phase is waning. (FINALLY.) Although I have an uneasy feeling that it may come back when Christmas is over.

Eating // I'm obsessed with those white chocolate & peppermint pretzel slims from Trader Joe's. They're SO addictingly good: salty and sweet and creamy and crunchy, mmm. I might have to stop by and grab a few more bags next week before they're gone!

Working on // Getting out Christmas decorations. And trying to get my children to both be healthy at the same time, sheesh. I feel like I need to figure out how to give them vitamin C injections or something.

Experimenting with // Essential oils. Mostly as a result of aforementioned sickly children. A friend of a friend is doing some oils classes, so I think I'm going to try and get to one.

Wishing // It was colder. 80 degrees on Thanksgiving Day makes me suspicious about this "winter". 

Loving // My new couch! I scored a sectional off a local online yard-sale group for only $150. It smelled SO weird at first.... like old hamburgers. (I thought to ask: Do you smoke? Do you have pets? But it never occurred to me to ask: Do you eat McDonalds on your couch all the time?) But we shampooed it, and I made a deodorizer with tea tree oil, and it's almost as good as new now!

Selling // The side gig selling Thirty-One bags has been surprisingly fun, and I made enough money to buy that new couch, which is nice. I don't know if I'll keep it up in the long run; I feel like it's taken some time away from blogging, and I'd rather blog. But it's been enjoyable!

Buying // Christmas gifts for 'angels'. I coordinated people from our church with the local school district to buy Christmas gifts for 87 needy kids from the district. It was a ton of emailing and spread-sheeting and repeating myself, but I'm so encouraged by the end result! I'm excited that our church stepped up to buy gifts for that many kids. 

Currently // 3:53pm

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