January 20, 2015

Unbroken: Musings on Sickness and Perspective

My kids are sick (again). In fact, Eleanor is sick for the second time already this year, and Juliet has been sick nonstop since the 2nd. Ear infections, vomit, and SO MUCH SNOT. Plus not nearly enough sleep. Noel and I were commiserating about it (I mean, for reals? Do I put them in plastic wrap or what?! How do we manage to get them healthy?); poor Juliet has literally been sick for at least 8 months of her 15 months of life.

But then I started thinking... in the grand scheme of things, it could be a lot worse. We have a friend who just got some devestating personal news. And, I've been reading Unbroken, which is gut-wrenchingly intense with regard to suffering.

I mean, yes, I'm tired, and I just feel bad for my poor miserable girlies, but, at least no one is dying. Or being slowly starved to death. Or being beaten by sadistic prison guards.

And everyone keeps telling me that this means they'll be super healthy as adults.* Which might be true, I guess. So I will keep doing mountains of laundry, and wiping boogers, and reading Unbroken when I get a chance. There's nothing like true deprivation to make your own life look much better.

Have YOU read Unbroken?

*Although, really, the next time someone says, "Oh it's better to get the sickness out of the way early in life!" I might smack them. Because how is it better for a baby who doesn't even understand what's going on to be sick?! Especially when she's too little for most forms of medicine! I feel like it's MUCH better for an 8 or 13 or 20 year old to be sick than a 1 year old.